Cladding continues to increase in popularity – for new residential and commercial builds. What was once primarily used as protection for the home (of course it still serves that purpose) is now a highly sought after design feature. To view our extensive range to cladding options follow the arrow.

Vulcan Cladding - Teak

Vulcan Timber Cladding

Vulcan Timber Cladding is innovatively engineered from clear, thermally modified plantation timber to bring about sustainability, style and durability. Crafted

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Fins, Battens and Screening

Timber feature walls, ceilings and entry statements are now more regularly being used in both commercial and residential builds to create interest and soften hard concrete and glass. To view our extensive range follow the arrow.

Posts and Beams

Timber posts and beams can be used to perform critical structural roles in buildings or may be used purely in a decorative sense. Either way we have a post or beam to suit. To view our extensive range follow the arrow.

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