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Austim supplies high-quality composite decking in Perth, WA. 

For over 30 years, Austim has been supplying premium composite decking brands like Trex, NewTechWood, ModWood, Millboard and Eva-Last. Our extensive range of textures and colours means everyone can enjoy the unique benefits of composite decking. 

Since composite decking was first introduced in the 1990s, manufacturers have continued to evolve the product. Innovations like UV protection, click-and-lock installation, non-slip and cool surface technology have created a multitude of uses for composite decking.

Come and visit our showroom and see all the best brands on display. Our team can run through the benefits of each brand and give you samples to take with you.

Low Maintenance & Built to Last

Often mistaken as simply synthetic or plastic decking, composite decking is a clever engineering and environmentally conscious solution. Utilising recycled plastics and reclaimed wood fibres, composite decking helps to divert millions of tonnes of waste from landfill. 

Composite decking is also a low-maintenance solution for outdoor decking. You’ll never need to sand, stain, oil or seal your decking – saving you time and money. The brands we stock offer exceptional features like UV protection, non-slip surfaces and revolutionary cool surface technology.

With Perth’s harsh climate and conditions, it’s good to know that composite decking is resistant to harsh UV rays, torrential rains and even pesky termites. It’s also strong, meaning it won’t warp, crack or splinter. This resilience is further enhanced by additional layers of protection which prevents moisture and decay.

The composite decks we see today closely mimic the grains and colours of traditional timber. Often, it can be hard to point out which is composite and which is real timber. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the top five reasons people choose composite decking are:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Easy installation
  3. Eco Friendly
  4. Resistant to termites
  5. Long lasting

Austim’s range of composite products will give you the look and feel of timber decking, without the ongoing maintenance.

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Our Composite Decking Brands

trex decking

Trex Composite Decking Perth WA

Trex is one of the original inventors of composite decking. We have chosen to supply Trex decking because of its high-performing qualities – it is highly resistant to mould, scratching, fading and staining, and is covered by a 50-year limited warranty.

Trex is the world’s largest maker of wood-alternative deck materials. Their range comes in a variety of colours and styles with realistic wood grain detail.

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NewTechWood Composite Decking Perth WA

NewTechWood is a 360-degree fully capped wood/plastic material. The unique UltraShield technology shields all four sides for ultimate protection against moisture and guarantees durability.

NewTechWood decking products come in both hollow and solid boards. There are seven natural colours to suit all tastes.

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ModWood Composite Decking Perth WA

ModWood decking products are built to handle Perth’s hot summer, making it a perfect choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking.

ModWood decking is made using green materials like plantation timber and recycled milk containers, so it’s the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to timber decking. Plus, it’s the only Australian made composite decking.

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Embered Weathered

Millboard Composite Decking Perth WA

Millboard is unique compared to other deck materials. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it is the most natural wood-like timber alternative on the market.

Millboard takes composite decking to the next level; their boards capture the texture and colour variation of natural timber decking while giving you all the benefits of a composite.

Millboard decking is durable, resilient and virtually maintenance free.

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eva last apex

Eva-Last Composite Decking Perth WA

Eva-Last’s I-series is a semi-solid co-extruded bamboo composite decking, the most attractive weatherproof, low-maintenance composite on the market.

Eva-last’s Apex series is a bamboo filled PVC decking profile with undeniably realistic visual appeal.

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Benefits of Composite Decking

  • Low Maintenance
    Compared to traditional timber, composite decking is very easy to clean and maintain. Not only is it very durable, being able to withstand tough conditions, but the only maintenance it needs is regular cleaning with soapy water – oiling is not required.
  • Modern design
    Our modern composite decking solutions mimic the appearance of various wood types, ensuring every aesthetic preference is catered to. You can effortlessly mould your outdoor space to mirror your desired ambience, all while enjoying the perks of modern, durable materials.
  • Less expensive
    On the surface, timber decking might seem the more affordable option. However, once you factor in the costs of regular maintenance for timber decking, plus treatments and potential timber replacements, composite decking emerges as a better long-term investment.
  • Built to last
    All the composite decks we supply are engineered to last. From fade-proof colours to their steadfast structure, these decks will remain strong year after year. The composite decking brands we partner with back their product’s strength and durability by offering performance warranties spanning 10 to 50-years.
  • Safe
    Safety and style are a big focus for composite decking manufacturers. With composite decking, there's no risk of painful splinters or cracks that could harm bare feet. Many brands also include water and slip-resistant features, making them the ideal choice for areas like pools or spas.
  • Eco-friendly
    95% of the materials used to produce composite are either recycled plastic or reclaimed wood. If not used, most of these products would end up in landfill each year. By choosing composite decking, you are helping to create a sustainable and eco-friendly future.
  • Easy to install
    Composite decking boards are manufactured with a groove system featuring special fixings. This makes installation a very straightforward process for experienced tradespeople and those wanting to DIY. No nails are required to install composite decking. Screws or click-and-lock systems make installation much easier than timber decking.
  • Durable
    Composite timber is designed to be an outdoor product and withstand the extremes of winter and summer. Whether it’s braving the heat or rain, parties or pets, composite decking is designed to not stain, fade or scratch. Plus, there’s no waiting once your decking is installed. When the last plank is laid, you can walk on it straight away.


Several brands have created composite decking boards with fire-retardant additives. ModWood Flame Shield can be in areas with a fire rating of BAL-12.5 to BAL-40.

Composite decking comes in a range of different surfaces. Many brands like Eva-Last and Millboard manufacture composite boards that are slip resistant even in wet conditions. When using composite decking around a pool, ask your supplier about the anti-slip rating.

The purchase cost of composite decking can be higher than most timber decking alternatives. However, installation and long-term maintenance is substantially less. Composite decking never needs to be sanded, oiled or sealed and will not rot, warp or attract termites like some timbers. It’s important to look at the long-term savings of composite decking.

One of the main benefits of composite decking is that it’s low maintenance. Once installed you never need to paint or stain your deck to keep it looking great. However, if you’re considering changing the colour of your composite decking it’s not recommended that you paint or stain it.

If you have a concrete backyard or front porch you want to modernise – you can install composite decking over the top (with a few conditions). First, the concrete area should be completely flat. Also, if the area is exposed to rain, you’ll need to allow the water to effectively drain. By creating a subframe, you can raise the composite decking slightly off the ground and prevent any water pooling.

As the name suggests, composite decking is a mixture of products. The primary components include recycled plastics and reclaimed wood products. The wood used can range from sawdust to wood chips to sustainably grown bamboo. The type of recycled plastic used will depend on the product you order. Some plastics have a higher melting point and will absorb less heat – helping the deck stay cooler.

There are so many benefits to installing composite decking. Apart from it looking great, it’s extremely low maintenance – an occasional sweep is all it needs to stay looking new. While there is a range of composite decking products available, the majority are stain and scratch resistant. Longevity and long-term savings are also key benefits. Most composite decking is backed up with a 25 – 50 year warranty, however, you can safely assume your decking will last a lot longer than that.

Each manufacturer has their range of colours, however, many have created a range that looks just like traditional timber. The colour and grain often look identical. If you’re looking to match the composite decking with your current decor, you’re likely to find a match.

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