Merbau Timber Perth WA

Natural colour

Pale to Dark Reddish Brown

Common uses

  • Decking, Joinery, Staircases

  • External Structures, Outdoor Furniture, General Construction

Alternatives (similar colour)

Spotted Gum, Jarrah


The wood grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy, which produces a ribbon figure on the radial surface. The timber has a coarse but even texture. It has a characteristic oily odour when cut.


Merbau takes well to paint, stain and polish, however the finish can sometimes be affected by gum bleed or oily patches. Its vessels also contain a yellow substance that stains textiles and concrete. It turns well and is relatively easy to work with hand tools, though it can be variable when it comes to machining. It will generally cut cleanly but there may be some blunting or gumming effect on the cutting edges. Merbau tends to split unless pre-drilled, but holds fastenings well. Will bleed tannin’s if allowed to get wet prior to coating. Sealing of all exposed surfaces is essential.

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    Key features

    • Very durable, hard and dense timber
    • Bushfire resistant timber
    • Suitable for use in exposed situations
    • Dimensionally a very stable timber
    • Resistant to splintering
    • Highly resistant to termites
    • Good colour restoration after oiling
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