Plywood for internal and external applications

Plywood is a strong and versatile building product that is widely used in residential and commercial properties. It’s durable and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for builders and property owners.

The engineering process for plywood involves gluing multiple thin sheets of timber (veneer) to create a solid board that can be cut into various sizes. The quality of the external finish can vary depending on the product’s use. For example, marine plywood uses timbers that are high strength and naturally resistant to moisture. When purchasing plywood, it is important to ask about:

  • Overall thickness and width per panel
  • Plywood type and standard
  • Stress grade
  • Face and back grades
  • Glue bond type
  • EWPAA products certification stamp
  • Preservative treatment level if required

Understanding this detailed information will ensure you select the correct plywood for its intended application.

What glue is used to bond plywood?

There are four types of glue bonds used to manufacture plywood: A, B, C and D, with A being the most durable and suitable for exterior and structural applications. Type B bond is suitable for applications involving concrete formwork plywood and is included in the exterior plywood standard. Type C and D bonds are interior bonds and should not be used in exterior or wet conditions or for structural applications.

How is plywood graded?

Plywood is graded based on the characteristics of face and back veneers, which are categorised into grades A, B, C and D. Grade A is a high-grade veneer with minimal defects and is typically suitable for clear finishes. Grade B is suitable for a high-quality paint finish but is not generally suitable for clear finishing. Grade C is a non-appearance grade veneer with a solid surface that is designed specifically for applications requiring a non-decorative surface. Grade D is an unsanded, non-appearance grade with permitted open imperfections, designed specifically for structural applications where decorative appearance is not a requirement.

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Key features

  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Used for internal & external applications
  • Can be treated to prevent termite attack & rot
  • Covers large areas quickly
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Timbers sourced from environmentally friendly plantations
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Types of plywood

As Perth’s leading timber supplier, we work hard to source the highest quality and most practical timber products on the market. Our range of plywood comes from Australian and overseas suppliers and is available in a variety of finishes. Whatever your project or budget is, we’ll have the plywood you need.


Exterior Plywood

Resistant to moisture, suitable for semi-exposed external applications, though regularly used internally.

Suitable for shop fit outs, DIY projects and alfresco areas.

  • Structural Rating: N/A
  • Glue Type: A Bond
  • Origin: Australia

Interior Plywood

Suitable for internal applications only.

Regularly used for furniture, joinery making, ceiling linings and acoustic panels.

  • Structural Rating: N/A
  • Glue Type: C-Bond
  • Origin: Australia
Plywood Cabinets
marine plywood

Marine Plywood

Resistant to moisture, high strength, very high quality.

Suitable for boat building, construction in extreme marine environments and high-grade furniture.

  • Structural Rating: F-14
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia

Structural Plywood

Can be used for internal or external applications where aesthetics are not critical but where structural integrity is important.

Used in flooring, construction, DIY projects and wall sheathing.

  • Structural Rating: F-8, F-11, F-14, F-17
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia & Imported
Roof Sheet
Plywood Barrier

Non-Structural Plywood

Can be used for internal or external applications where aesthetics is not critical.

Used in general DIY projects, plank on ply flooring, packaging and general building applications.

  • Structural Rating: N/A
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia & Imported

T&G Flooring Plywood

Can be used in structural and non-structural flooring applications where strength and loading are important.

  • Structural Rating: F-11, F-14, F-17
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia & Imported
Plywood path

Treated Plywood

Where high moisture and low ventilation conditions prevail, treated plywood can be used to protect against insect damage and rot.

Suitable for roofing, heavy construction, and high-risk areas.

  • Structural Rating: Varies F-8, F-14
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia & Imported

Pre-Finished Plywood

Best suited for internal or weather protected applications.

Regularly used for alfresco area ceilings and eave linings.

  • Structural Rating: N/A
  • Glue Type: A-Bond
  • Origin: Australia
Plywood internal cladding
Plywood furniture

Bending Plywood

Specialised product designed for internal applications.

Regularly used for office fit out and furniture making.

  • Structural Rating: N/A
  • Glue Type: C-Bond
  • Origin: Australia & Imported
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