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Versatile Australian Hardwood Timber


Natural colour

Pale Brown to Golden Yellow. The neutral tones make Blackbutt an appealing choice for internal and external applications, in particular when renovating. The colours of Blackbutt timber blend well with existing colour schemes and will match coastal, city or rural settings. 

Common uses

Decking, Cladding, Lining, Flooring, Cabinetry, Furniture, Joinery & External Structures   

Alternatives (similar colour)

Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum


The majority of Blackbutt timber has a straight grain making it popular for decking, cladding and joinery. Occasionally the grain can be interlocked or will contain gum veins which, when used for the right purpose, can create a spectacular look. The Blackbutt timber texture is generally even. 


Blackbutt is an easy timber to work with. It can be stained, oiled and polished without fuss and will cause minimal issues during machining. If you are considering painting your Blackbutt timber, be aware that it can have a tendency to surface check after it’s painted. The increased level of extractives in mature wood may present some issues with adhesives. These extractives can also produce staining on painted surfaces if the timber is exposed to extreme weather.

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Key features

  • Hard, heavy and naturally durable timber
  • Perfect for internal or external use
  • Even texture and straight grain
  • Veneers readily available
  • Matches well with existing colour schemes
  • Machines well
  • Provides good fire resistance
  • Grown in sustainable plantations
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Australian Blackbutt Hardwood Timber Data 

The name of Blackbutt comes from the appearance of the tree after a bushfire. The rough bark around the buttress (butt) of the tree becomes charred after a fire. While the bottom of the Blackbutt tree is covered in bark, the upper branches are  smooth and light coloured. 

Origin New South Wales & Queensland 

Botanical Name Eucalyptus Pilularis 

Density (Dry) 880kg/m3 

Above Ground Durability Very High – Class 1 

In Ground Durability High – Class 2 

Hardness Hard – Janka 9.1 

Sustainability PEFC can be available 

Machining Good 

Gluing Good 

Unit Movement Tangential 0.37% 

In Service Movement High 

Termite Resistance Resistant 

Sapwood Lyctid Susceptibility Not Susceptible 

Length Range Usually random lengths

Fire Resistance Group 3 

Bushfire Attack Level 12.5, 19 and 29. All AS3959 required applications.

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