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Austim is your go-to expert for quality Timber Decking Perth, WA 

We carry a wide selection of timber decking (Merbau, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Batu) to suit any project and budget. Austim’s unrivalled range of exceptional timber is sure to add style and functionality to your patio or outdoor decking area.

Autism is based in Perth, Western Australia and sources many timbers locally. Our 30+ years of experience, combined with strict quality control systems, ensures you get the highest quality timber decking product.

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Why choose Timber Decking?

For many homeowners, nothing compares to the look and feel of a genuine timber deck. While many composite deck varieties closely mimic the colours and wood grain, it’s hard to replicate the distinctive natural beauty of timber.

Apart from aesthetics, there are many reasons to choose timber decking over the alternatives.

Cost – In general, timber decking has a lower purchase price than composite decking. 

Living – Most people find walking on timber much more pleasant than composite decking. Some composites can get hot when exposed to the sun, while timber regulates the heat making it comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Environment – Timber grown in Australia is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Timber is also a renewable resource. 

Longevity – A well maintained timber deck can enjoy a very long life. Some timbers used for decking have a natural resistance to fire, termites and rot. 

Whether you choose an Australian grown timber or an imported variety, a timber deck will transform the look of your outdoor area and create a space that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


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Planning and Installation Tips

If you are a builder or it is a DIY timber decking project, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Design – When designing your decking, make sure that there is sufficient airflow underneath, keeping it at least 300mm above ground level is highly recommended and consider the possibility of tannin leaching. If it is undercover, any wood is suitable. However, if it is exposed to the elements, we recommend you use hardy timber like Merbau, as it is extremely stable and durable.
  • Installation – Before you begin, ask your council whether your timber decking design requires planning approval. When installing, it is important to only use stainless steel hardware (screws, nails, bolts etc.), especially near water, as it will combat corrosion. It will also pay to invest in a quality protective coating.
  • Maintenance – Keeping your deck looking great requires a routine maintenance plan. How often you recoat the timber will depend on the weather it is exposed to, what coating product you use and how much foot traffic the decking gets.
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Why choose Austim?

  1. Advice – Have a timber decking project in the works and need advice? Speak to one of our friendly team, who can offer free expert information on what timber will be most suitable for you.
  2. Quote – When you have picked a timber that you are happy with, give us a call, or fill out a quote form. Check out our timber decking prices.
  3. Supply – If you want to pick up your product, our yard has ample space for your truck or semi-trailer. We can also deliver anywhere in Western Australia. The choice is yours.
  4. Install – Our point of difference is that we leave the installation to the experts and concentrate on what we specialise in – timber decking supply.


Before you choose your timber it’s best to talk to your timber decking supplier. Several factors need to be discussed to ensure you get the longest life out of your timber.

Will your timber be exposed to rain, sun or wind for extended periods? If so, you’ll need a durable timber species that can handle the conditions. Timbers like Jarrah, Merbau and Spotted Gum are hardy timbers that can stand up to the elements.

All natural timber decks will require some regular maintenance. Talk to the team at Austim on how to protect your timber deck so maintenance is minimised.

Of course, it’s not all about durability or minimal maintenance, looks matter too. You’ll want to choose timber that matches the surrounding environment and complements the existing décor. Some timbers like Jarrah have a similar colour across the decking boards, whereas Spotted Gum boards can vary from pale greys to off white to rich dark browns.


The biggest influence on the price of timber decking is supply and demand. Other factors can include where the timber is sourced – whether overseas or locally grown – and when the timber is harvested. It’s a good idea to check Austim’s specials page for discounted timber products or request a copy of the latest price list.

Choosing timber for your outdoor deck comes down to personal taste and what will match the surrounding area. The timbers featured above will all create a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor deck.

Some of the qualities to look out for when choosing your timber include:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to bushfire, splintering and termites
  • Minimal tannin bleed
  • Easy to work with

One timber that should be avoided for decking is treated pine. While treated pine is great for posts or the decking subframe, it shouldn’t be used for decking as it can be prone to warping and splintering in exposed conditions.

To preserve the beauty of your outdoor timber deck you will need to clean it from time to time. If you’ve just installed the deck, ensure that you first protect it with the correct timber coating. This will not only maintain the health of your decking but will make it easier to clean. 

Cleaning the deck

Remove everything off the deck and give it a good sweep. If you’ve recently applied a protective coating this is all you’ll need to keep your deck looking fresh.

If your deck is looking tired and needs a more intense clean, there are a few extra steps to complete. Add an approved cleaning agent into a bucket of water and scrub the deck with a brush (preferably a long-handled brush). Once you’ve cleaned the entire deck, rinse off any soapy residue and allow the deck to dry. To keep your deck protected and maintain its colour, add a protective coating. 

If you’re unsure about which cleaning and protection products are best to use, ask us when you’re ordering your timber.

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