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We’re all about helping you get the most out of your timber, Perth! That’s why Austim’s experts are trained to advise you on how to best protect your wood from the damaging effects of moisture and Perth damaging sun.

After all, the beauty of well-maintained timber doesn’t happen by chance—it takes the right product and maintenance.

When done right, you’ll add years to the useful life of your deck or timber cladding, saving you considerable money in replacement costs and reducing the use of timber resources.

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We invite you to have a chat with one of our expert staff members. We’ll provide you with the best information to help you choose the right coating product for your unique project.

There are two basic types of wood finishes (some claim to do both):

  • Film finishes—form a film or coating on the wood. Can cure harder and be built up in layers (e.g. varnish or lacquer)

  • Penetrating finishes—penetrate the wood surface. Oil-based and do not cure to a hard film (e.g. tung oil).

Tints or colours can be included with both types of finishes to help protect the timber from UV and help prevent the timber naturally greying off.

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SiOO:X Timber Coatings

SiOO:X wood protection is a water-based impregnation system. It is based on proven silicate technology and natural products to give timber long life surface protection.

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CUTEK® Timber Coatings Perth WA

Austim supplies CUTEK® timber coating in Perth, WA. CUTEK® penetrating oils enhance and maintain timber. Learn more about CUTEK® CD-50, Extreme and Low VOC or contact us for a free quote!

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Benefits of coating

When timber is exposed to the elements and left uncoated, many exposed timbers will be degraded affecting the appearance and performance of timber.

Without protection from the sun, timber will turn grey over time, and cold & wet conditions can cause rot and decay.

Timber coatings are designed to slow the rate at which moisture affects the timber and reduce the stresses of UV radiation. Coatings provide protection against the elements, extend the life of timber and maintain its visual appeal.


No coating system will last indefinitely, so it’s important that timber coatings are maintained properly and areas that are looking worn get an annual touch up or re-coat. See our Coating Maintenance Guide

Selecting the most suitable type of coating will help make maintenance easy and ensure a long service life of the timber.

Austim are the timber suppliers Perth trusts because we have all the answers. Whether you’re coating timber decking, timber cladding or timber flooring, just ask Austim!

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