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Glulam Timber Posts & Beams

Glued laminated timber, known as glulam, has been used throughout Europe since the early 1900s and in Australia since the 1950s. Strong and versatile, glulam is created using layers of engineered wood that are bonded together with structural adhesives.

Glulam has all the features you expect from wood, including grains and knots. To the untrained eye, it looks like a cut of natural timber. However, glulam’s real value lies in its versatility. Manufacturers can design glulam timber to a variety of shapes and sizes for roof trusses, pergolas, framing for screens and cladding, rails and balustrades. Really, there is no limit to what you can design using glulam.

Raw Beauty

Unlike most other structural timber beams, glulam beams are often displayed as the finished product. It’s no surprise, the warmth and beauty of glulam timber instantly breathes life into a building. Seeing a series of large posts holding up beams that stretch from wall to wall is an impressive sight.

It’s not uncommon to see curved or pitched glulam beams either. The unique manufacturing process makes it possible to create remarkable and memorable structures. While it is the beauty that is admired by onlookers, for builders and designers, Glulam’s strength and workability are the real benefits. 

Is your Glulam Timber Guaranteed?

Not all glulam is used in structural applications but where they do, Austim recommends they are produced by members of the
Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA). This guarantees that all products comply with Australian Standards (AS 1328).


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Why you should build with Glulam

There are several reasons why the building industry is increasing its use of glulam timber: 

Durable – Compared to other building materials, glulam is produced from durable species and performs well in tough weather conditions.

Sustainable – Glulam can be reused or recycled. 

Versatile – The physical design options are endless and for builders, it is an easy product to work with.

Stable – Glulam doesn’t experience many of the issues you can get from natural timber.

Strength & good looks – The result is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.




  • Cypress Durabeam from 126 x 40mm right up to 462 x 130mm and 18 metres long
  • Radiata Pine from 126 x 38mm right up to 630 x 130mm and 18 metres long
  • Australian Hardwood from 150 x 38mm right up to 600 x 115mm and 18 metres long

All specialty glulam timber is manufactured in the eastern states, so lead times for manufacture and transport need to be considered. Contact us for more details.

Cypress Pine Glulam Beams

Key Features

  • Available in longer lengths
  • Greater spanning capabilities than traditional sawn timber
  • Fewer supporting timber posts are needed
  • Allows for more flexible designs
  • Retains the ease of using timber during construction.
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