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Our Victorian Ash is produced by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) and branded nationally as “GOODWOOD”. Demand GOODWOOD Vic Ash to ensure your timber is supplied on a controlled, environmentally responsible and sustainable basis.

Beyond just good looks, timber is becoming increasingly attractive to architects, developers and builders with a focus on environmental awareness and sustainability. GOODWOOD by ASH comes from regenerated forests that are certified and controlled by the Victorian Government, and comes complete with Chain of Custody Certification for Certified Wood and Forest Products (AFS PEFC) which allows the product to be tracked from origin to end use. Importantly, we can ensure certainty of supply because ASH is also the largest hardwood sawmill in Australia processing 155,000 m3 of sawlog per annum in a modern and efficient operation utilising the latest in manufacturing technology.

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    Victorian Ash Timber - Structural

    Key features

    • Quality sustainable Australian Hardwood sourced from PEFC certified forests
    • Energy efficient, natural material
    • Kiln Dried and straight lined edged, quartersawn for dimensional stability
    • Ultra sound scanned
    • Strong and durable
    • Great for structural applications
    • Long lengths
    • Natural insulation
    • Available H3 treated (IronAsh)
    • Available finger-jointed and/or laminated
    • Timeless quality and appearance
    • Can be refinished after years of service
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    Delivery capability

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    Supply availability

    With our fully equipped warehouse, we always have the stock available so you can get on with your job.

    Straight, stable and consistent

    Victorian Ash is considered a medium density hardwood comprising of two species, Eucalyptus delegatensis and Eucalyptus regnans which are visually identical and share very similar properties. Grown in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales these hardwoods, including the Tasmanian Oak, are commonly also known as Mountain Ash and Alpine Ash. Colour naturally is pale pink to pale straw, and it will take stains or paints very well. Density is quoted as 680kg/m3 dry, with in service movement considered to be low. It is quartersawn, illustrated by growth rings being perpendicular to the face of the board when looking at the end profile. This creates a more stable product with an even and consistent grain. GOODWOOD Victorian Ash is carefully air-dried and then kiln-dried to an approximate 9-11% moisture content.

    Victorian Ash Timber
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    Beautiful, strong and durable

    Victorian Ash had never been considered durable enough to use in external situations. Exquisitely beautiful, yes. Affordable, yes. But too prone to the weather to be practical? Until now that is. New IronAsh uses innovative technology to place a unique combination of water-based additives deep into the core of GOODWOOD Victorian Ash. Treated to H3 classification, IronAsh can now be used in any build to allow the continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. That’s why IronAsh is a great choice for your building project, being able to specify the same wood internally and externally now ensures a seamless beautiful finish and absolute customer satisfaction.

    Guaranteed to perform

    IronAsh is the result of years of careful research by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods and their partners. The Tru-Core treatment process that creates this remarkable product has over ten years history of proven durability in the USA. With over 2 years of local research and development with Victorian Ash the preservative has been registered with the APVMA and a code mark developed for the True-Core process treated wood that exceeds the penetration required by the Australian Standards AS1604-1. True-Core is an environmentally responsible, water-based treatment that includes insecticides to combat pests and azoles to fight decay. It gets deep into the core of the wood so you can cross cut, trim and mitre without having to re-apply a preservative. ASH is so sure of their new IronAsh that it comes with a 25 year guarantee that it will exceed or meet all Australian “H3” standards for exterior timber decay and termites.

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    Technical Specifications

    Victorian Ash - Outdoors

    IronAsh Aspect Cladding

    IronAsh Aspect Cladding integrates seamlessly with GOODWOOD. Using innovative technology, Victorian Ash can be used throughout a home, including outside. There’s no need to consider using a dense heavy species externally. IronAsh Aspect Cladding uses a unique treatment, non-toxic Tru-Core treating deep into the core of the wood. Durable to H3 classification, IronAsh becomes one of the most affordable hardwoods fit for external use. Speak to your architect about incorporating IronAsh Cladding to your blueprint.

    At Austim, we go a step further by offering one or two factory coatings to protect and colour your cladding. This leaves, potentially, just one site coat which will save you time and money.

    Victorian Ash Benchtops

    Straight, beautiful and affordable laminated panels made from Australia’s favourite GoodWood Victorian Ash.


    Utilising some of the most attractive and highest performing furniture timber; we glue, sand and dock these panels onto usable sizes to streamline cost efficiencies for the end user. These are suited for internal use only, see installation guide above.

    Austim hold two grades in stock

    Utility Grade with more characteristics 641x33x2400 and 900x33x2400

    Standard Grade for a cleaner look 641x33x2400 or 3600 and 997x33x2400 or 3600

    Victorian Ash Benchtop

    Utility Grade


    Standard Grade

    Victorian Ash
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