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Geographe Jarrah Decking is no longer available – consider alternatives such as Merbau or solid Jarrah

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Key Features

  • Smooth all round profile 85 x 20mm and now also 130 x 20mm
  • Factory applied “Intergrain” sealer coat
  • Set length to reduce install time, 4.5m and 3.6m lengths
  • Termite resistant per AS 3660.1
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important installation considerations.

To ensure you get the longest life possible from your Geographe Jarrah decking product, it is important to prepare, install and maintain the timber correctly to reduce moisture absorption, discolouration and to keep the decking looking great.


  • Ensure sub-structure has been constructed in accordance with all relevant building codes and regulations
  • Ensure adequate ventilation between the deck and the ground with a minimum ground clearance of 300mm
  • The ground beneath the deck should be graded away from adjacent buildings to facilitate good drainage
  • Avoid boxing in the deck with solid structures
  • Good air flow around and underneath the deck is required to enable the deck to stay dry
  • Prior to use store decking in a dry area, supported by level bearers out of sunlight and rain
  • When moving Geographe Jarrah decking ensure the product is always carried on its edge.
Geographe Jarrah Decking
Geographe Jarrah Decking


  • We recommend top fixing with screws – Stainless Steel 50mm x 10G. For ease of application use compatible drill bit to counter sink and pre-drill hole in one. We do not recommend nailing.
  • Boards should be spaced a minimum 5mm from each other to allow for expansion and contraction of the timber
  • Geographe decking has a face and a back, face is premium quality and has been sanded to give a slightly smoother finish compared to the back. Take care to install all face up
  • Maximum span for Geographe Jarrah decking in a residential application is 450mm
  • If decking is built adjacent to a wall/house a minimum of 10mm clearance is recommended


  • Geographe Jarrah boards are factory pre-coated all round with one coat of a sealer for initial protection
  • During installation you must apply oil/sealer to any cut ends
  • Immediately following installation we recommend a further 2 coats to provide optimal protection.


  • All timber decking requires the regular use of a high quality decking oil, we recommend Intergrain Ultradeck or Intergrain Natures Timber Oil. These are both compatible products that will act as a protective coating and with regular maintenance it will slow down the rate of moisture uptake/loss, to reduce expansion/contraction and loss of colour
  • Recoat your deck on a regular basis – exposed areas will need to be coated more regularly
    • Wash down the surface of the deck prior to re-oiling to remove dirt – use a high quality product that contains a blend of cleansers, brighteners and sterilising agents
  • Recoating is best done during warmer & dryer weather.
Geographe Jarrah Decking
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