Choosing the Right Wall Cladding Material

Choosing the Right Wall Cladding Material the right cladding can be a difficult task. At Austim, we specialise in all things timber, including multiple colours and finishes of indoor and outdoor timber cladding. We are also committed to providing you with the right advice and information necessary for your project.

Some things to consider when choosing a type of cladding are the location suitability, availability, and fire performance. Is the cladding going to withstand the elements? Is it easily accessible? And, does it comply with the current fire safety standards?

Best types of cladding for Perth


Weatherboard comes in a range of natural tones for you to choose from. Made from reconstituted hardwood or timber that can be painted or stained, weatherboard offers you the freedom to customise an inexpensive option to your liking. It can be fixed to all kinds of underlying materials like brick or fibre cement. This option leaves you with unlimited freedom to design. 

Weatherboard will offer a neat appearance, great insulation during the colder months and durability if maintained properly. Fantastic for external and internal use, this versatile product can be useful for all your cladding and lining needs. However, high maintenance is required for external cladding.

Choosing the Right Wall Cladding Material


Bricks are a unique option that is often compared to the process of cladding which adds a protective coating to the house. Bricks, on the other hand, require little maintenance and will stand up against the elements for years to come. Robust and earthy, this fire and extreme weather resistant material are ideal for Australian conditions. Easy to purchase, low maintenance and durable – properly installed brick can prove to be a great option.

Some downsides are brick’s lack of insulating ability and its limited design potential. It also has the potential for wear and tear to the mortar which can diminish structural integrity. Check with the supplier and designer for premium mortar options.

Choosing the Right Wall Cladding Material

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer cladding gives your home an elegant and earthylook. Stone Veneer is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install, and is a great alternative to stone. This beautiful option can be customised with cohesive colours, shapes and sizing.

Stone Veneer offers excellent insulation for the home. It can be used as an internal lining or external cladding with minimal maintenance required for both. Artificial stone veneer, however, is often mass-produced. If you look hard enough, you’re likely to find two identical pieces.

Since one of the appeals of stone is its naturally unique appearance, the repetitiveness of mass-produced stone veneer siding can be a drawback.  It is also important to note that some stone veneer isn’t waterproof or fireproof, so it is essential to buy the right veneer for your climate and needs.

Choosing the Right Wall Cladding Material

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding gives your building a timeless, warm and inviting feel. It can provide good insulation and durability to your home or business.  Timber Cladding is also easy to install, energy efficient and versatile. You can use timber cladding internally and externally.

Available across Australia, recycled timber can be used in the cladding process as an environmentally friendly alternative to new wood. Timber cladding can come in horizontal, vertical and angled profiles with a variety of timber species to choose from, giving your home or business a bold look.

Austim offers a large timber cladding and lining range with a huge number of choices to suit any project. Our timber cladding and lining range includes:

Vulcan Timber is thermally modified meaning it is durable and stable. It is H3 treated, rot and pest resistant backed up by a 25-year warranty. Vulcan Timber also comes in a range of Protector Oil colours.

Australian IronAsh or Goodwood Victorian Ash is produced by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods and is environmentally responsible, energy efficient and sustainable. This timber is beautiful, strong and durable.

Timber Cladding Designs

As mid-century Modernist-inspired architecture grows in popularity, crisp edges and severe materials are becoming common materials in home design. Concrete, steel, copper, timber and other industrial finishes are architectural staples that are here to stay. This is one of the reasons that timber cladding, with its warm, timeless look, has been used more and more frequently in architecture.

Timber exterior cladding is often used in projects to enhance a building’s durability as well as its aesthetics. 

Final finishes are easier to apply correctly in a factory or warehouse rather than on-site and have the potential to speed up the construction process.

Austim offers machining and pre-oiling capabilities; our two coating machines can apply oil to all four faces of timber boards, be it timber cladding, timber decking or screening.


Ready to choose the right cladding?

It is important that whenever you are looking into any cladding, to check with the supplier to ensure the product fire safety and waterproofing approved.

Contact us to find out more information on how you can choose the right cladding for your home or business.

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What our clients say

Austim are a great partner and timber supplier. Our business is based on the East Coast of Australia and we partner with Austim for WA projects. We have had a long lasting and great working relationship with Austim for many years. Highly recommend them.
daniel wright
daniel wright
06:31 18 Jun 19
Austim is always the first place I try when I need timber and it’s rare that I can’t get what I need there. Stuart is a rare gem of a gent to deal with – quick to respond to any queries, full of good advice and goes out of his way to help get whatever project I’m working on happening to my schedule, even when all I need is a few sticks and a handful of fixings. Highly recommend Austim, the team and young Stuart.
Anni Lilford
Anni Lilford
00:51 16 Nov 18
Stuart went out of his way to make sure we got the product we wanted. He made suggestions on possible constructions and timbers suitable. Very knowledgeable friendly staff all around. Excellent experience, highly recommended.
Holger Butenschon
Holger Butenschon
05:14 22 May 18
Hi Ben,Just wanted to thankyou for your help and advice in our selection of the Millboard Vintage Oak decking also in you recommending Grant from Premier Hardwood Decking. Grant has just completed our decking and we couldn't have asked for a more professional, reliable and competent tradesman. The decking has been installed to a very high standard and the decking itself is stunning. Ian and Sue
susan smith
susan smith
06:27 08 Oct 18
I've used Austim on a few occasions for home projects like decking and pergola, etc and each time the response to my requests for price and delivery have been excellent, the deliveries took place as negotiated, the timber quality was great and value for money. The team at Austim do a great job and make dealing with Austim a breeze.
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson
09:06 25 Oct 18
I have worked with Austim for around 8 years now and they are one of the best suppliers in perth to deal with. I would highly recommend to use them for any timber needs!!!
Art of Timber
Art of Timber
07:55 05 Mar 20
I had been looking for some cedar for my kayak project and had rung a couple of other places with no luck. When I contacted Austim they were very helpful, had the timber in stock and I was on my was in 20 minutes. The wood was very good quality and has really finished up beautifully. Thanks to Austim.
mark alderson
mark alderson
02:03 08 Apr 17
I"d like to thank Austim for there help in supplying me with material that firstly I thought I'd have trouble sourcing as it was marring up with originally 30 year old existing timber.My project was not a massive project but still needed the attention of an new build.The timber supplied by Austim was machined to size with absolute perfection, where I had to remove old pieces and replace with the new pieces they fitted perfectly.once the floors are re-sanded and varnished they will be back to there former glory. Thanks again to the staff at Austim.Regards Bob Heppenstall.I've just added a finished photo after the Floor Sanding was completed.Original timber was Tassie Oak, and the new is Vic Ash, as you can see there is only a slight variation in the final product.I hope this gives anyone thinking doing the same the confidence to proceed. Regards Bob Heppenstall.
Robert Heppenstall
Robert Heppenstall
10:05 12 Oct 18
Great service over phone and by email. Product supplied is high quality - no issues. Staff accommodating and friendly.
00:18 07 May 20
Good service with fair prices.
Colin Della Bosca
Colin Della Bosca
08:14 04 Jun 20

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