7 Reasons to Choose Jarrah Decking for Your Next Project

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If you have an upcoming timber decking project, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is which timber to use. In Australia, we have access to a wide variety of great timbers so your choice may come down to personal preference. However, you should know that it’s what lies underneath that really counts.

It’s true that some timbers aren’t designed to be used in certain areas or climates, but one of the most popular and long-lasting timbers that continues to be a top decking choice is Jarrah. Grown exclusively in WA’s South West, Jarrah makes an excellent choice for decking. After all, it’s quintessentially Australian.

To find out why so many people turn to the tough-as-nails Jarrah for their decking, keep reading.

What makes Jarrah a good choice for decking?

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Here are 7 reasons why Jarrah is the ideal choice for timber decking:

1. Jarrah decking is extremely durable

Jarrah is classified as natural durability Class 2 timber both above and below ground which means, on average, it has an expected service life of up to 40 years in a decking application. This highly durable wood is also extremely dense and hard. However, Jarrah is also soft enough to work with, which is good news for tradespeople as decking regularly requires the timber to be cut and shaped.

2. Jarrah is naturally beautiful 

The primary colours of Jarrah range from a light red or brown to a darker brick red. The vibrant and rich colours perfectly match the surrounding Australian landscape. And if your home is in a more urban setting, without much surrounding nature, the Jarrah will help create a rustic look while remaining classically beautiful.  

3. Jarrah is termite and rot-resistant

We did say it was tough as nails and it’s not wrong. As one of the toughest timbers for decking, Jarrah is resistant to termites, marine borers and rot. It’s good to know that if you’re investing your money in high-quality timber and won’t need to worry about it being ruined by insects or rot so long as it is maintained.

4. Jarrah has built-in bushfire resistance

Its high level of density endows Jarrah with bushfire-resistance properties. In a decking application it has been tested and achieved a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 29 according to AS3959 applications (note specific design criteria must be followed). Australian Standard AS3959:2018 is the code for building construction in bushfire-prone areas.

5. Jarrah decking is weather-resistant

Its exceptional durability and strength make Jarrah an ideal timber for indoor and outdoor use. Jarrah can withstand extreme weather conditions, from pouring rain to intense heat. Remember timber decking needs good air flow to and ground clearance.

6. Jarrah is sustainably sourced

If you’re concerned about sustainability, then you’ll be happy to know that Jarrah decking is subject to strict legislation in Western Australia. It is only harvested in regulated and managed regrowth forests in WA. Since harvesting Jarrah requires a 40 – 60 year interval, only 1 per cent of the total Jarrah forest area is harvested every year to ensure sustainable supplies of this timber are always available.

7. Jarrah is a versatile timber

Jarrah is not only an outstanding decking material but is also used in a range of applications. It is one of the most popular types of timber used for general house framing, flooring, parquetry, veneer, cabinetry, heavy construction, outdoor furniture, joinery, fencing and turned objects.

How to clean and maintain Jarrah decking

Cleaning Jarrah Decking

Knowing how to clean Jarrah decking is essential if you decide to use this timber for your project. After all, the proper maintenance of a Jarrah deck is essential to preserving its natural beauty and ensuring its longevity.

General cleaning such as sweeping and the occasional wash with soapy water will keep your Jarrah deck looking good. If you need a deeper clean, you can use a deck cleaning product with oxalic acid. Make sure you check with your timber supplier first to see what they recommend.

Jarrah timber also needs to be oiled to preserve its naturally rich deep red colour. Again, there are a variety of decking oils on the market, so ask your supplier for a recommended supplier or a company that can oil your deck for you.

Where to get Jarrah decking in Perth

If you want high-quality, sustainably sourced Jarrah decking in Perth, see the team at Austim. You can download the product range price list just below or call Austim for a free quote.

If you have more questions about using Jarrah timber for your decking contact Austim today.


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    Austim are a great partner and timber supplier. Our business is based on the East Coast of Australia and we partner with Austim for WA projects. We have had a long lasting and great working relationship with Austim for many years. Highly recommend them.
    daniel wright
    daniel wright
    06:31 18 Jun 19
    Austim is always the first place I try when I need timber and it’s rare that I can’t get what I need there. Stuart is a rare gem of a gent to deal with – quick to respond to any queries, full of good advice and goes out of his way to help get whatever project I’m working on happening to my schedule, even when all I need is a few sticks and a handful of fixings. Highly recommend Austim, the team and young Stuart.
    Anni Lilford
    Anni Lilford
    00:51 16 Nov 18
    Stuart went out of his way to make sure we got the product we wanted. He made suggestions on possible constructions and timbers suitable. Very knowledgeable friendly staff all around. Excellent experience, highly recommended.
    Holger Butenschon
    Holger Butenschon
    05:14 22 May 18
    Hi Ben,Just wanted to thankyou for your help and advice in our selection of the Millboard Vintage Oak decking also in you recommending Grant from Premier Hardwood Decking. Grant has just completed our decking and we couldn't have asked for a more professional, reliable and competent tradesman. The decking has been installed to a very high standard and the decking itself is stunning. Ian and Sue
    susan smith
    susan smith
    06:27 08 Oct 18
    I've used Austim on a few occasions for home projects like decking and pergola, etc and each time the response to my requests for price and delivery have been excellent, the deliveries took place as negotiated, the timber quality was great and value for money. The team at Austim do a great job and make dealing with Austim a breeze.
    Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson
    09:06 25 Oct 18
    I have worked with Austim for around 8 years now and they are one of the best suppliers in perth to deal with. I would highly recommend to use them for any timber needs!!!
    Art of Timber
    Art of Timber
    07:55 05 Mar 20
    I had been looking for some cedar for my kayak project and had rung a couple of other places with no luck. When I contacted Austim they were very helpful, had the timber in stock and I was on my was in 20 minutes. The wood was very good quality and has really finished up beautifully. Thanks to Austim.
    mark alderson
    mark alderson
    02:03 08 Apr 17
    I"d like to thank Austim for there help in supplying me with material that firstly I thought I'd have trouble sourcing as it was marring up with originally 30 year old existing timber.My project was not a massive project but still needed the attention of an new build.The timber supplied by Austim was machined to size with absolute perfection, where I had to remove old pieces and replace with the new pieces they fitted perfectly.once the floors are re-sanded and varnished they will be back to there former glory. Thanks again to the staff at Austim.Regards Bob Heppenstall.I've just added a finished photo after the Floor Sanding was completed.Original timber was Tassie Oak, and the new is Vic Ash, as you can see there is only a slight variation in the final product.I hope this gives anyone thinking doing the same the confidence to proceed. Regards Bob Heppenstall.
    Robert Heppenstall
    Robert Heppenstall
    10:05 12 Oct 18
    Great service over phone and by email. Product supplied is high quality - no issues. Staff accommodating and friendly.
    M F
    M F
    00:18 07 May 20
    Good service with fair prices.
    Colin Della Bosca
    Colin Della Bosca
    08:14 04 Jun 20
    Great service and product.I struggled to find a bench top in the size and material I wanted, so was really happy when I found one with Austim.It came fully protected with wrap and was undamaged when I got it home.Thanks
    Matt Harrison
    Matt Harrison
    06:29 08 May 23
    Good selection, friendly staff, competitive pricing. Preferred over the 'hardware store'.You can hand pick if you need superior quality, Ben Price helped me with sorting through
    Dirk Wachter
    Dirk Wachter
    03:59 12 May 23
    Quick responses, timber prepared to request including cutting to Size. Easy pick up. Highly recommend.
    Martyn Lethbridge
    Martyn Lethbridge
    06:42 05 May 23
    We wanted Marri boards to make a bed - Austim provided beautiful planed and sized boards - at a good price - delivered on time......excellent service!
    Mark Warren
    Mark Warren
    06:53 20 Aug 21

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